Who We Are

We are a warm and loving Pentecostal church located in the Aljunied area. You are invited to join us for a time of worship and fellowship in our weekly Sunday services. We welcome people of all ages to come and share our lives, learn and grow together in Christ Jesus. Our prayers are that you would be blessed and be a part of our growing community as we strive to serve Him together.

How We Got Our Name

World Revival Prayer Fellowship was the name of an informal international intercessory network whose members committed to praying and fasting for a world revival. The network is no longer in existence, but the founder of our church, Brother A.M. Mathew, believed in the vision of a world revival and thus adopted this name for our church.

What We Desire

In World Revival Prayer Fellowship, we hope to see everyone grow to

Reach our WORLD through evangelism and missions

Experience REVIVAL through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives

Connect with God through PRAYER in intimacy and intercession

Be rooted in FELLOWSHIP for growth and service.