Missions is in our church DNA. From our origins of prayer for world revival, through to our first mission trip where a church was planted in Simpang Rengam, Malaysia, to the many pastors and preachers who prophesied our church destiny, and the many who have obeyed the call of God to preach the Gospel to unreached people groups, we cannot help but conclude that the Lord has given our church a calling for missions.
Currently we have missionaries reaching out to unreached people groups in China; one who operates from the US, and the others who are in Chinese cities. Security forbids us from publishing much about their work.
We are also focused on partnering with Myanmese national workers to start a church planting movement. We have several partners we are working with from established organizations whom we typically support for several years each. We also have a special partner, Pastor John, with whom we are planting a church that we pray and work to see it grow to be a mother of many churches. Self-supporting workers are what we aim for and we help pastors by helping them buy piglets that they can feed and sell on maturity at a profit that can support their ministry. Besides this we also encourage and support MCP, an established orphanage ministry, and help in disaster projects, the recent being the Nargis cyclones victims by building basic housing for them.
Our desire now is to raise a new generation of missionaries among the young. Thus the need for training and exposure trips for our young people is high on our priority and reflected in our budget. The environment in which missions take place is challenging and requires creative solutions that we are attempting to implement, for example, the whole area of business as missions.
Missions is led by a Missions Working Group (Bevelyn Tan, Jethro Koh) under the pastoral oversight of Tom Cannon.