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Sunday Services

English service (#04-16): 10am -11.45am

Youth cell groups (#04-16):  1pm -2.45pm

Children / G.N.K. (#04-03): 10am -11.45am

Mandarin / 展心福恩堂(#03-09): 10am -12.00pm

Deaf / D.F.F. (#03-13) 10.30am -12.15pm

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Address: 8 Lorong 27A Geylang, #03-15, Guilin Building, Singapore 388106 Tel: 65 6841 6300 Email: [email protected] CLICK HERE FOR MAP AND DIRECTIONS


Historical Evidence for the Resurrection

Historical Evidence for the Resurrection

When we look at the evidence, the truth of the resurrection emerges very clearly as the best explanation. There is no other theory that even come close to accounting for the evidence. Therefore, there is solid historical grounds for the truth that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

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What on earth am I here for?

What on earth am I here for?

The age old question, Why am I alive? Is there some meaning and purpose to life? Or is all that I am doing, achieving and living for just a waste of time and energy?….

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9 February 2020

Next two Sundays: 16 & 23 February 2020
Guest Speaker:  Edward Keith Pousson

Edward Keith Pousson and his wife Von Lai Kheng have lived and served in Singapore since 1991. They raised their three children in Singapore, two boys and a girl. In his youth, Edward was sent out as a missionary to Haiti, Africa, and Malaysia. After that, he was ordained by his home church in Louisiana, USA, where he served as an associate pastor and Bible teacher. He completed his Doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California in 1990. He taught missions and New Testament in theological schools in Singapore for 24 years. Currently, he continues his ministry of itinerant preaching, teaching, and writing. He has authored two books and several articles. He worships at Barker Road Methodist Church and considers himself accountable to the Pastor in Charge, Rev Chiu Ming Li.

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2 February 2020

We have been monitoring developments regarding the Wuhan Virus on the Ministry of Health website ( and we feel it is good, without going overboard to take a few precautionary measures as a church:

1. If you have travelled to and from China (regardless of the region), do ensure you quarantine yourself for a period of 14 days from the day of your return, consistent with the Ministry of Health guidelines. Inform the church, so we can pray with you too.
2. If you feel unwell or experience respiratory symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath, please refrain from attending church meetings (Sunday worship, cell groups etc.). You may watch or listen to the worship services online at Inform the church so we can pray with you.
3. Observe hygiene guidelines like washing your hands, avoiding handshakes and be sensitive when interacting with children who are not related to you. In unforeseen circumstances, if you need a surgical mask immediately, you may approach a church staff member.

Let us be reminded that while God promises His protection over His children, we are called to be sensible, and be considerate of others.

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26 Jan 2020

YAY! CNY 2020
On 1st Feb 2020, YAY! Cell groups will be visiting the houses of cell members to meet with the family members and connect with them. This will be followed by a ministry steamboat dinner for the cell groups to fellowship and have fun! Do keep them in prayer as they visit the different homes and that God’s presence will dwell in their midst.

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