The Deaf Faith Fellowship (DFF) is a deaf church/ministry of World Revival Prayer Fellowship (WRPF). Most of the DFF members are adults and many of the couples have speaking children who attend the hearing services. Most of the time the deaf pastor Barnabas Phua preaches in a way that the deaf people really benefit and enjoy because he himself is a deaf person. DFF occasionally invites guest speakers whose messages are interpreted into sign language. Some of their regular speakers are from the Scripture Union and Youth With A Mission (YWAM).
On one Sunday, Pastor David Leong from the Scripture Union brought some of his members to visit DFF for the first time and their remarks were, “The visit was an eye-opener for most of us… their worship was unique and the only instrument in the room was a drum. Instead of singing, the songs were signed out by hand. Wow! Prayers were also made through sign language… Despite their handicap, these people never allowed it to be a hindrance to them to express their love and faith for the Heavenly Father and Creator…”
DFF is also mission-minded. Pastor Barnabas was often invited to speak in deaf services in churches in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur & Penang) and in Indonesia. He also spoke at several International Deaf Conferences. Over the years, Pastor Barnabas has led members of the DFF to mission trips in Indonesia (Medan & Jarkarta), Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.
We provide pastoral care for our deaf members in smaller groups. In these groups they are able to share more deeply about their lives and to pray for one another. Pastor Barnabas provides overall leadership with the assistance of two supervisors Simon Chua and Sarah Chew. Currently there are four cell groups led by Daniel Ong, Simon Chua, Dick Chia and Andrew Lum. They meet for one hour or so on the fourth or fifty Sunday of every month from 1.30pm. If you wish to join them first visit their worship service in the morning.

Our Leader: Pastor Barnabas Phua