This is the time of the year we should carve time out for some reflection. I do this annually. Usually a half-day. Sometimes two half-days. I read the year’s journal entries and summarize what God has been doing, notice key processing moments, and the dominant affections.

What this does is to give me a sense of what God has been doing in and through me, how he has blessed me, what he has been teaching me.

Those who do not journal can also reflect. List down all your blessings of 2016, big and small, material, spiritual or relational. List down also all the difficult times of feeling frustrated, fearful, disappointed, sad, discouraged, stressed or upset.

Then bring the list of blessings before God, remember each of them, and with stirred gratitude, tell God, “Lord thank you so much” one by one.

Next bring the list of negatives to the Lord and converse with the Lord about the most dominant and common ones – whether it be work, relations with a difficult person, or a spiritual problem. Let God assure or teach you lessons or empower you to forgive or ask forgiveness where needed.

Finally, give a name to your year, make peace with the past, and ask God to increase your faith for the coming year.


Pastor Kenny Chee