I was reflecting on the real hero of the Samson story. We know for sure who were not the heroes. The hero is not the pretty one in Timnah, nor the Gaza prostitute, nor the mercenary Delilah. For sure the heroes were not the Philistines, or the Israelites.

Samson’s parents had a sincere faith and followed whatever the angel instructed them to do. When Samson was attracted by a Philistine woman they advised him not to marry her. They were good upright parents but their son was a failed project. Were they the heroes of the story?

Despite his many faults and short comings and trespasses Samson did fulfill God’s purpose to begin the deliverance of Israel from the Philistines oppression. The Philistines feared his many this one man army who like Rambo, decimated the Philistine forces and put the fear in them. Best of all he willingly sacrificed himself to get revenge against the Philistine ruling and wealthy class. Was he the hero of the story?

The answer is none of the above. God is the real hero of the story. He planned and initiated the deliverance in His time and way. He raised Samson and used him despite his weaknesses. Only a skilled workman can produce results with a flawed tool. His grace, His intervention, His giving of the Spirit, His patience in dealing with Samson’s heart, His making good of what was made messy by flawed Samson – all these showed that God is the real hero. It shows how great and gracious our God is!

Kenny Chee

Senior Pastor