Silence and solitude stills the stormy selves and positions us to listen to God. That was what I experienced during my five days of silent retreat in Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong. Besides the physical and soul rest, my spirit was able to feast on the word of God and I must say unlike other retreats this was one of my most joyous and reassuring one.

Why Cheung Chau? Well my pastor friend had gone there several times and encouraged me to try since the airfare was about the same as flying to Chiangmai. I was ready to have a change in setting and to try a different spiritual director. They assigned me a Singaporean: Paul Goh. The time and effort it took to get there was longer but the retreat house is perched on the slope of the island and had a fantastic sea view and breeze. The whole retreat area was about a football field but spread over the slopes. There were many niches for seating and private meditation and a beautiful chapel that had a full glass panel facing the sea. The room was typically small like all living spaces in Hong Kong.

The retreat director was disciplined and asked for four one hour and fifteen minutes sessions of prayer and meditation per day. He gave four Bible passages and two optional ones each time I met him at 7.45pm. I was blessed and quickened by the meditations and God spoke to me through the passages. We began on Tuesday night and ended on Saturday evening with a thank you dinner. I left that place refreshed and recharged. My faith has been quickened.

Thank you for praying for me and for your support of the retreat ministry.