How can church members be intentional to share life and the gospel through oikos outreach groups?

A Missional Community is a group of Missional Christians, united around a common service/interest to be Christ’s witnesses for a particular people or place. We will reorientate our lives and collectively build it around reaching people together.

Start and/or be a part of an IG that meets regularly

Starting an Interest Group is more than just having fun. It is about being intentional in maintaining regular touchpoints with people outside our community while bonding over a common interest.


The Heart of an ‘Interest Group’

Create a welcoming environment: oikos groups should be welcoming and inclusive. Members should make an effort to greet and get to know each other and invited guests. This can include fellowship over pre/post-activity meals or snacks, engaging in icebreakers/introductions for new joiners, and creating a welcoming space for guests.

Prioritize prayer: as missional Christians we recognize the power of prayer for our non-believer friends and loved ones. Members should be encouraged to share their prayer requests.

Share personal testimonies: oikos outreaches provide an opportunity for members to share their personal testimonies. Testimonies can be a powerful way to share the gospel and encourage others of the faith.

Serve the community: as missional Christians we should look for opportunities to serve the community. This can include volunteering to organize the event or support in different ways. Serving together can strengthen relationships and demonstrate the love of Christ to others.

Follow up: Remember an interest Group is only a means to an end. We can be proactive by inviting oikos guests to church evangelistic events/services and/or meeting up with them in a smaller group to share life or explore faith.