Dear brothers and sisters,

Ministry is a privilege and a joy but realistically, it is not without its stressful, discouraging and conflicting experiences. It has been six years since my last sabbatical, and the BOE has approved one for me from 1 October to 31 December 2019. I seek the community’s prayer for me during the three months I am away.

I am thankful to the church for this precious opportunity to rest and have an extended time of renewal and reflection as I enter the last lap. I have served this church for 39 years and this would be my third and final sabbatical. During this time, I will engage in spiritual renewal and rest. One two weeks program that will energize me combines silence, solitude, prayer, and spiritual direction with long walks in the countryside, and reflection on my life and ministry.

I have delegated my duties to various staff members and Alvin Lim will act in my place as the pastor of the English Congregation. He will be supported by Pastor Thomas and the church staff, the BOE and the Senior Pastor’s Office. With your united and strong support WRPF will stay on track and be witnesses for Christ in the power of the Spirit.

-Senior Pastor Kenny Chee