This is good news to the ears. Sarah Phua joined the church staff a few months ago as an intern. She worked with the staff helping them to do different tasks and projects. She did very well. The Lord has also moved her heart to take a further step of faith to serve part-time with the church staff. We informed the Board of Elders(BOE), and they asked that due diligence be done.

Pastor Thomas and Pastor Kenny and Abe Sim interviewed her and unreservedly recommended to the BOE that we give her a contract of two years as a part time paid staff. The BOE approved.

We see the Lord using her skills to fill a gap in strategic planning and policy development, something we needed in the the current pastoral team gift mix. She will work two days a week and will be paid accordingly. She started work on 1st of September. The Lord has done a wondrous work before our eyes bringing in new and young blood. Praise the Lord.

– Ps Kenny Chee