In August, we introduced Community Temperature Reading (CTR) and Clarifying Expectations (both dealing with sharing our lives more deeply and speaking the truth in love). This went together with pulpit teaching from Philemon – an epistle that demonstrates Paul’s honest speaking and clarification of expectations with Philemon. We did Philemon to show the biblical basis for some of the skills that we are asking you to incorporate in your life.

   In October we had originally planned to have three new sessions of the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Skills 2.0. We gathered feedback from the congregation and cell leaders and decided that we will NOT do those new sessions. We confirmed that people need more time to assimilate earlier skills before we introduce new ones. So we will postpone two sessions to 2017, and continue with the guest speaker, John Chong Ser Choon, speaking on “The Spiritual Discipline of Silence” on Sunday 2nd of October. The EHS Skills 2.0 cell based session on “Incarnational Listening” will be done on that Sunday afternoon (YAY Cells), and on Friday 7th October (English Adult Cells).

  In the meanwhile, in the cell groups, we will practice the skills we learned from CTR. Please give your cell leaders your fullest support and co-operation. We ask the Lord to help our congregation practice speaking the truth in love.