The Leaders’ Planning Retreat 2016 sought a fuller expression of total dependency on God. We wanted to plan with Jesus. There were more times of waiting on God, and there were morning chapels, to allow the Spirit to influence and shape our thinking and feeling. It required patient waiting and listening, as we learned to trust God with all our heart.

Besides sharing and planning, we also spent more time bonding across people-groups (ZXFET, DFF, GNK, English Adult) and ministries. Ice-breakers, inter-ministry meals, sharing of life and prayer for one another’s ministries and people-groups helped to deepen trust, strengthen hope, and enrich love.

We are learning that it takes longer to plan with Jesus, than to plan without Jesus. To allow Christ the Head of the Church to lead the Body, we need to discern His orders to us. This takes time.

Senior Pastor

Kenny Chee