We welcome Thomas Cannon, the husband of Ethel, into our community. Thomas was for several years on staff with YWAM Perth and had a missionary stint in China too. Then he came to Singapore and completed his theological degree in TCA. There he met Ethel our youth worker. While studying in TCA he also interned at Bethel AG and gained valuable ministry experience in our local context.
In October 2015, Ps Kenny, Ps Thomas, Karen Tan and Joshua Chee interviewed him as a candidate to join our pastoral staff. The committee recommended, and the Board of Elders approved his joining the staff upon his graduation and completing his internship in Bethel.
The main reason we want him is the obvious need for new and young blood to join the current team who are in their mid 50s and 60s. The young people, who form 50% of the English service, will find it easier to relate to Thomas and Ethel, who will be inspiring models for them.
We plan to expose Thomas to a host of different pastoral tasks as well as deploy his rich ministry experience in youth, missions and community work. Thomas has a long term visitor pass and we are processing his employment. We hope to have him begin work in September, after returning from an August wedding celebration in England. Pray for God’s favour on his application to work in Singapore.

Kenny Chee
Senior Pastor