1. PURCHASE: Buy grape juice (eg. Ribena) and bread (or crackers eg. Jacob’s cream crackers) sufficient for the number of persons taking Holy Communion.
  2. PREPARE: Give thanks to God for his love before pouring some grape juice into a cup (or cups). Cut the slice of bread, or break the cracker into smaller pieces according to the number required, and put it onto a small plate. Use sparingly so that none is left over of what is set apart. Place the plate and cup(s) on a table mat or cloth or white paper so that the space is defined and set apart.
  3. BEFORE SERVICE BEGINS: Be ready with the above elements before the online worship service commences. The pastor will guide you online to receive the Holy Communion together with all other members who have tuned in to the Livestream or pre-recorded worship service.
  4. AFTER SERVICE ENDS: Share your experience in your WhatsApp chat groups with a photo if you wish to.