I heard that two of the GNK children who joined us for singing and praise could not stop singing the phrase, God is on the move, God is on the move.


God’s move is His motion, activity, action in and around us and in the world. The problem is that often in our hurry we do not notice it.  If we pause, we will notice that God is in our everyday life acting on our behalf and inviting us to join Him to be “on the move” with Him.


For example, a friend comes to you and shares a personal problem. You know that there is more below the surface. God is moving in her life to lead her closer to salvation, or to experience a deepening in her life, if she is already a Christian. God is also inviting you to join Him in what He wants to do. So you give time, listening ears, pray, do something practical to help.  God is on the move. You notice it. You sense you are to join Him. You move with Him. Like Jesus you do only what you see the Father doing.


The examen prayer helps you to see God on the move.