Christmas is just around the corner. It is the season where most people are relaxed and in a celebrative mood. Their concept of Christmas is understandably superficial and commercial.

This Christmas Day which falls on a Sunday, we are planning an evening event (instead of the normal morning worship), called A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

This special event is meant for church members to invite pre-believing family members and guests to sing carols with us and experience why and how Christians celebrate Christmas.

It is designed to help people understand the true meaning of Christmas and to feast and get to know us over a Christmas meal. Instead of feeling threatened, we want them to feel welcomed by God’s hospitality.

-Help us invite friends and family members.

-Volunteer your talents and abilities for this event.

-Pray for God’s love and hospitality to be experienced.

-Be fully present, be fully listening, be hospitable.

It will be an exciting and meaningful Christmas Day.


Kenny Chee

Senior Pastor