What I have seen in 2016 are hopeful signs. I can see that the practice of prayer is slowly taking traction. People are now familiar with the importance of slowing down, of silence, solitude and reflection.  Ancient methods of prayer such as lectio divina and the examen are slowly appreciated and practiced more and more. We have learned a lot in the sermons and workshops and practiced these in our personal life, cell groups and leadership platforms like Cell Leaders Training, Board of Elders, Leaders’ Planning Retreat, Staff Meetings. We press on in 2017 and will take out prayer resources old and new to help us develop a lifestyle of abiding.

The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Skills 2.0 was wisely halved to give more space and time for attitudes and skills to find root in our relationships. I have personally grown emotionally and am more able to speak the truth in love and I hope you have grown too, and we will continue to do so in 2017.

Another beautiful thing I see the Lord doing is the summons to serve Christ beyond church walls: out among the unreached peoples, out in the marketplace, and out in the community. We are mostly at the early stage of awareness, laying down foundational truths, and ankle deep exposures of serving outside church walls. Next year lets go knee deep in the river of God.

Overall a positive hopeful year. Thank you Jesus.


Pastor Kenny Chee