2018 will be an exciting year. One of the major happenings that will take place is renovation. GNK and ZXFET will be swapping halls and a cry room will be built. While the plans and budgets are being finalized we want to begin sharing information.

The swap of halls will be beneficial to both GNK as well as the Mandarin congregation. There are benefits to both people groups. For ZXFET, they will be more breathing space for the members to enjoy, and there will be that ready room next door (#03-12), for them to have fellowship and to prepare food (without disturbing the worship).

The Good News Kids have been responsible and diligent all these years, but as with many other Sunday Schools in churches around the island, they are faced with fewer children to serve. The low birthrate in our Primary schools is affecting the churches too. One practical gain of the swap will mean closer proximity and convenience for church members with children. Their children are on the same floor and a minute away.

We have wonderful couples who are having children and need a cry room. They prefer it in the worship hall and we want both parents and infants/toddlers to be able to be with the worshipping community. With more young couples getting married the need for this will only be greater in the coming five years.

All three congregations will be raising funds for the renovation project. We have given you early notice so that you can pray and apportion your budget in wise stewardship. The estimated renovation will cost about $250,000. About one fifth of this amount has already been covered by the late Amy Koh’s estate and a donation by another well-wisher from the ZXFET. We hope to raise the amount between now and the end of May and all money and cheques put in an “ang-pow” (red packet) will go towards this renovation. Although an “ang-pow offering” will be taken on Sunday, 18 February during the Chinese New Year service, members can also start giving from next Sunday towards this worthy project. May you experience the joy of giving generously. You will not lose out. God promises that the generous will themselves be personally blessed and rewarded by God.

Kenny Chee

Senior Pastor