With enthusiasm I helped the Bukit Batok cell group to use the examen method of prayer. I gave them a short briefing and then led them to experience a version of the review of the day. It took a good 20 to 30 minutes to facilitate the various steps of the examen with light instrumental music in the background. The response was mixed. Some took to it easily and found it helpful. Some struggled.

     There are different methods of prayer and our responses to them differ. Some love intercession. Some love to read scriptures and pray. For some it is all about praying about their needs. Some love singing songs of worship. Others prefer silence, reflection and journaling. Some methods of prayer are more useful than others, depending on the season you are going through or what God wants to do in your life.

      The golden rule is to use what is useful and edifying to you. Be willing to learn new methods and incorporate them to your array of prayer styles for you never know when it becomes a great blessing to you. Methods are only means, not the end. So keep using the method of prayer that helps you grow in intimacy with God. 

      I heard of a couple who used examen prayer together and found it fruitful because it led to greater sharing of their daily life – the thanksgivings, experiences and encounters – and how they blew it or how the Lord was present. It enriches their marriage communications. That is wonderful. May their tribe increase!

Kenny Chee

Senior Pastor