Your physical awareness contributes to your online worship experience. Your physical preparation can shape your attitude. Getting out of your bed-clothes, washing up, having your breakfast, tidying up and cooling down the surrounding space make for better focus and worship experience. Even your posture: sitting comfortably, instead of lying down in bed, adds to or subtracts from the online worship experience.


Before the online service begins, remind yourself, “I am here to worship: to sing, pray, listen, respond to God. I am here and God is with me now in this sacred space. I may not be in a church gathering, but even here God can speak, touch, comfort, fill or strengthen me. I can have a God-encounter. I can experience an increase of faith, hope, and love.”

Be aware that the evil one will seek to lure you away from this time of worship. Resist all temptations to take the online service lightly, or to postpone watching it. Resist all distractions and give your undivided attention to worshipping the Lord together with the WRPF congregation.


You may be alone or with friends or family participating together. It is not the same as the usual church gathering with the congregation. However, in spirit, you are present with everyone else, and together we are all worshipping the Lord together at the same time.  This togetherness can be expressed and shared when you put in a comment about what moved, touched, enlightened or stirred you in the YouTube comments box during the live streaming, or on various chat groups later on.