Dear brothers and sisters,

These past several days, Alvin and Tom and myself, were in meetings with Love Singapore pastors in Malacca. It was a joy to see the unity movement advancing and making progress.

There were talks by a Taiwanese pastor on evangelism and witness. This was a welcome encouragement and challenge to us Singapore pastors as we have before us the Celebration of Hope, personal witness on a mass scale in May.

Besides that, there is an initiative called Alpha Everywhere, aiming at 1,000 Alpha runs in churches, homes and the marketplace in 2019. They hope these runs to be done before or after the Celebration of Hope. Season 1 is March 2019-May 2019 and Season 2 will be July 2019 to September 2019. WRPF English congregation has already scheduled a run for season 2.

These are exciting days as we see that our theme for the next three years, “Be My Witnesses” dovetails with the Love Singapore movement’s. Do pray, love and serve, and be a witness.