Jesus commanded us to take the good news to all the world. This includes the work world. And Jesus does not mean that we merely open our mouth and invite people to church and events but also that we let our lives shine for Him like lights in a darkened world. We work in the light of a Christian set of values and worldview.


Of course we cannot do it alone. We need to find other Christians with whom we could meet periodically for discussion, sharing life, and prayer for the organization, its members and initiatives to apply kingdom truth in the marketplace.

The church in Singapore is slowly awakening to its task of equipping God’s people to be effective in the marketplace. This will take time  and sustained education and efforts.

One thing we can do now is for every member to take time to review the day and reflect on how God was present and active in our workday. When we do this regularly we will become more aware of how we can partner with the Lord in being light and salt in the workplace or school.