Authentic faith has to issue forth in works of love. Faith has to be expressed in acts of love. However this expression is often hindered by our past upbringing, present social conditioning and our future goals. Our habits of self-centred living, our patterns of reactions from years of defensive behaviour militate against our loving others well. We need to unlearn the past behavioural habits, and learn new patterns of communication, expectations and reactions. This is what EHS Skills 2.0 will help us to do. It helps us shed the old clothes and put on the new clothes of Christ’s love. It gives you practical handles you can use to express love.

The elements in this program are: the Sunday sermons in August and October; the cell meetings where prayerful reflections, video snippets, sharing and practices for this program will be used. The cell leaders have been briefed and the program will begin soon. We pray it will be a way of life that never ceases. May we incorporate these new patterns of living through an authentic faith that works through love.

More will be presented next Sunday about this program.

Kenny Chee

Senior Pastor