Peter Scazzero wrote, “People are not experiencing deep transformation in our churches. Large numbers of people live off other people’s spirituality (e.g. worship teams, sermons, Christian radio and podcasts) and do not intentionally cultivate their own personal relationship with Jesus”.

Discipleship is a slow process and it requires us to slow down and remove our modern expectations of instant results. Scazzero continues:

“The kingdom of God is a mustard seed that grows very slowly. What makes us think we can quickly grow our people for true, long-term kingdom impact? The people of Israel were freed from the slavery of Pharaoh by sheer grace. Yet their journey to actually break 400 years of generational sins that lived in their bones was a slow, difficult process that took 40 years”.

Granted we have the gospel and the Holy Spirit that the Israelites did not have. However, the evidence of Scriptures and our experience tell us discipleship is a slow process that requires us to slow down and sink our roots deep in the finished work of Christ, and spread our branches out in the many ways we relate to our God, and the fruit appear and are made available for people in need.

– Pastor Kenny Chee