Dear members of World Revival Prayer Fellowship,

Due to the COVID19 situation, the Charities Council has deferred the filing of annual returns of churches by 3 months, to September 2020 as per the notification sent on 25 March 2020, a copy of which is attached.

Deferment of AGM to 30 July 2020

Pursuant to Article 8 of the Constitution (set out in the attachment), the Annual General Meeting of the Church for the year 2020 is to be held not later than 30 April 2020. However, in view of this unprecedented event, the Board of Elders hereby exercises its discretion under Article 13 of the Constitution (set out in the attachment) to also defer the AGM by 3 months to 30 July 2020 or any other date as the Government of Singapore may permit the gathering of such number of persons required to form a quorum for the convening of the AGM (“Deferred Date”)

Convening of AGM by virtual means

Beyond the Deferred Date, for the purposes of meeting any necessary statutory requirements, the Board may also choose to convene the AGM for the financial year ended 31 Dec 2019 via virtual/other forms of electronic communication means as permissible under law (such as telephone or similar communication equipment), subject to all other conditions of holding such an AGM being met in accordance with the Constitution, or as modified in accordance with statutory requirements.

Extension of Elders’ Term until next AGM

To ensure continuity within the Board of Elders, Elders whose term of service is due to complete by 30 April 2020 are required to continue to serve on the Board of Elders until re-election at the next AGM.

In accordance with our Constitution, 14 days’ notice will be given to members prior to the holding of the AGM.



Article 8 : General Meetings

8.1   An Annual General Meeting of the Church shall be held not later than April 30th in every year. Not less than 14 days’ written notice shall be given of the Annual General

8.2   The agenda for the annual general meeting shall be:

(1) The Pastor-in-Charge’s Report

(2) The previous financial year’s accounts and annual report of the Board of Elders

(3) Election of the members of the Board of Elders for the following term

(4)  Where applicable, the appointment of an external auditors for the following term

(5) Any Other Business

8.3  A member wishing to table any matter for discussion at a general meeting shall give written notice to the Secretary at least 7 days before the general meeting, stating precisely the matter for

8.4  All other general meetings shall be extraordinary general meetings. Extraordinary general meetings, subject to the same requirement for notice, may be convened by order of the Board of Elders at any time and shall be convened upon the requisition in writing of not less than 30 voting members of the Church, stating the purpose of such

8.5  The quorum for the general meetings shall be not less than one quarter of the Ordinary Members of the Church. In the event there shall not be a quorum within 30 minutes of the appointed time for the meeting, those members present shall be deemed a sufficient quorum except that such a meeting shall not amend the Constitution or dissolve the Church or deal with any business not on the original agenda for the meeting.

[Attn Charities] Extension of Deadline for Filing of Annual Submissions

MCCY Charities (MCCY)

Wed, Mar 25, 8:31 PM

Message Classification: Restricted

Dear Sir/Madam

This email is addressed to all contact persons of registered and exempt charities.

Please assist to disseminate the following message to relevant officers of your charity.


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we understand that charities’ operations may be under additional strain and some have difficulties holding their Annual General Meetings (AGMs) to finalise their financial statements, the latter of which is a requirement as part of the annual submission to the Commissioner of Charities (COC). Therefore, the COC has granted an extension for all charities’ annual submissions due on or after 31 March 2020 for 3 months as provided in the table below. There is no need for these charities to seek extension separately. For avoidance of doubt, charities whose annual submissions are due on or before 30 March 2020, they will be required to write to their Sector Administrators/COC separately and extension may be granted on a case-by-case basis.


Financial Year End Original

Annual Submission Deadline

Extended Deadline
30 September 2019 31 March 2020 30 June 2020
31 October 2019 30 April 2020 31 July 2020
30 November 2019 31 May 2020 31 August 2020
31 December 2019 30 June 2020 30 September 2020
31 January 2020 31 July 2020 31 October 2020

2              It is important that charities take guidance from the Ministry of Health’s advisories and put in place the necessary safe distancing measures. We recognise that these measures would have a major impact on charity events and some charities may have no choice but to decide to postpone their AGMs or explore the use of digital solutions in place of face-to-face meetings. Should the charity’s Governing Board decide it is necessary to do so, this decision should be recorded in the Board’s minutes to demonstrate good governance of your charity. Charities should first check their governing instruments (e.g. constitution, memorandum & articles of association) on the procedures set out on the conduct of AGMs. Some charities’ governing instruments have clauses that allow for the meetings to be conducted remotely (e.g. via video or teleconferencing). Where there is no such clause in the governing instruments and you decide to hold meetings remotely or to postpone the meeting, charities should ensure that such courses of action accord with your internal processes and rules.

3              The COC will monitor the situation closely and should there be a need for a further extension for annual submissions, we will inform all charities in due course. Should you have any queries on the above change, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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