What are some factors we look at to clarify God’s purpose for your season in life? Here are some:

– Your passion – what makes you enthusiastic

– Your strengths – abilities, gifts, training, education

– Your timeline – past experiences, milestones in life

– Your temperament – your disposition or make-up, and its preferences, weaknesses and strengths

– Your upbringing – what you were exposed to at home

– Hearing God – what God says in the Bible and to you

– Affirmations – what people around you affirm you for

– Needs around you in church, marketplace or world

– Station/stage of life – in National service, schooling, or married with young children, retiree

– God’s work in and through your life in past year.

These factors need to be talked about with a spiritual friend or a cell group. God’s purpose will take shape with time, revisions and as you learn more. Having a record in a smartphone helps because you can record sudden inspirations and perspectives any time of the day. Ask, seek, knock.

Kenny Chee

Senior Pastor