Workshop Synopsis: “Interpreting Scriptures” in community with others is a vital spiritual discipline in these days where all kinds of teachings that claim the Bible’s authority are broadcasted far and wide on the internet and lead astray many believers. Believers need to have their beliefs and practice founded in God’s Word, rightly interpreted and digested for transformation towards Christ-likeness. Even more so, leaders.

Workshop Method: There are no short-cuts to learning to interpret Scriptures in community, thus eleven sessions in three periods, are needed altogether, with the Monthly Prayer Meeting acting as a monthly recess. Each one-and-a-half-hour session involves actual observation, study or interpretation of Scripture portions, to learn the skill that is taught. Interpretation is best learnt by supervised learning.

REGISTRATION: The coming course will begin on the 15th of July. You need to register to participate in these free Zoom meetings.
TOPIC: Interpreting Scriptures
DAY & TIME: Wednesday Nights 8.00pm To 9.30pm
Basic Tools (Part 1): 15, 22, 29 July & 5 Aug
Context Then & Now (Part 2): 19, 26 Aug, & 2 Sep
Meaning & Application (Part 3): 16,23,30 Sep, & 7 Oct

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