To participate in the 46th Annual General Meeting, please follow the instructions as per Annex A:


World Revival Prayer Fellowship 46th AGM will be conducted via the Zoom Video Conferencing Application.

Date:   27 September 2020

Time:  12.00PM

Link to join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 840 8145 0269

Passcode: 740501


  1. Click on the above link to join the Zoom Meeting.
  2. You will be kept in a waiting room until your identity has been verified by the host to enter the meeting room.
  3. By default, your audio will be muted. You can unmute yourself when you want to speak and mute back after you have finished speaking to minimize background noise.
  4. By default, your video will be switched on. Please keep your video on from the time you enter the room till the end of the meeting. All attendees in your household need to be visible from the video to prove yours and their full attendances throughout the meeting.
  5. Should you encounter any problem in downloading the Zoom app or joining the Zoom meeting, please contact the helpdesk, details of which are as follows:
    1. Ps Thomas Tan : 9857 7779
    2. Tom Cannon : 9830 2106

As per our constitution, we require at least 25% of our total registered members to be present at the AGM in order to proceed.  Please confirm your attendance (as individual person) via the link below by 20 September 2020 (Sunday): For attendance please click here .