Today’s sermon

Today, the church’s worship team gets a welcome break and we have a guest worship team of volunteer singers and musicians from Awaken Generation, a local one and music mentorship program and community.

Calvin Hong is a speaker, evangelist, and a life coach.  His heart beats to see every life transformed, living purposefully, and fulfilling their destiny in Christ.  A real man’s man and a big believer of discipleship, Calvin regularly shares his testimony and the gospel to the youth, whilst mentoring a number of men personally.  He has spent seven years working with youth-at-risk where the Lord shaped his heart for the broken and marginalised. Always ready for an adventure, Calvin has led teams to plant churches across the Asia Pacific and now, together with his wife Alarice, ministers the gospel in Singapore and regionally. Calvin will preach on the topic: “The Power of Worship”.

Next Sunday’s sermon and speaker

Sermon Title:  Why Work?

Text:  Genesis 2:15, Genesis 3:17-19

Guest Speaker: Michael Tan, President, Eagles Communications

Michael Tan has been with the organization since 1968 as one of its Founding Members. He started serving full time after National Service and theological training in 1979. Currently as President, Michael oversees the core ministries of the organization as well as charting its future directions.

He is on the faculty of Eagles Leadership Institute (ELI) and has spoken at leadership conferences and retreats in Singapore, West and East Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. He is also a preacher, Bible teacher and evangelist. Michael has a BA (Honors) from the London School of Theology, UK and an MTH from Trinity Theological College Singapore. Michael and his wife Siwilai are members of Faith Methodist Church.


PULSE! will be held on 30 November 2018 at 7.30pm in the main hall.  Come join us for an extended time of worship and prayer.  See you there!


DFF is celebrating its 37th Anniversary today.  God is good and faithful all the time!  We want to give thanks to God for His blessing and leading of DFF all these 37 years.  Let us celebrate, rejoicing God’s goodness to DFF.  We are anticipating a heightened sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in the days to come in our meetings.  Do labour in prayer with us to witness an expansion in the salvation and discipleship of more deafs.  We trust God will grant us many more fruitful years ahead.

Joy To The World

“The YAY! Community is embarking on an exciting project of rediscovering true joy. This journey will take them along a series of activities culminating with a CHRISTMAS MARKET!

Over the next couple of weeks, we would greatly appreciate our WRPF family praying alongside us for the following areas:

  1. Participants to encounter Jesus through their journey of finding true joy!
  2. Blessed and smooth key OIKOS events with overwhelming participation & volunteers (Everyone & anyone)
  3. The growth in fellowship and intimacy with one another within the WRPF Family.