Guest Speaker: Dr Richard Goetz

Date: 29 March 2020

Topic:  “The Compatibility of Faith and Science

Dr. Richard Goetz is a lecturer in theology at TCA College in Singapore, having moved here from the United States in 2010.  Over the past 30 years, he has served in a variety of pastoral and academic roles.  Dr. Goetz has a passion for learning and sharing that knowledge and understanding with others, whether from the church pulpit or in the classroom.  Dr. Goetz firmly believes that the way we think impacts how and what we believe, which in turn impacts what we do and the way we live our lives. Dr. Goetz and his wife, Tammy, have been married for over 30 years and have two grown daughters.

Funds for Missions

If you wish to give or fulfill your pledge towards toward the mission fund, please feel free to put it into the mission envelope that is available at the ushers’ cupboard. Only funds in the mission envelope will go towards the mission fund, funds that are not placed in the envelope will go towards the general fund.  Please fulfill your pledge by November 2020 and note that all missions giving not utilized by the end of the year will be absorbed into the church’s general fund used for general church expenses.

Fund to be Raised:


·         English Congregation mission efforts: $10,000
·         ZXFET mission efforts: $10,000
·         DFF mission efforts : $  1,000
·         Other mission efforts: $10,000
·         Dream Makers ministry: $  5,000

Nomination of Elders

The nomination of Elders closes on 22 March 2020.  Please take your time to pray regarding the candidates.  Then take a bold step to approach and nominate the candidates. Fill up the nomination forms, which are available at the ushers’ cupboard.  If you have any queries, please approach Sarah Phua or any of the Committee members.

Covid-19: Updated Travel Advisories

Members who returned from overseas (especially Mainland China, Iran, North Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea) are advised to stay home for at least 14 days and are encouraged not to attend Sunday service.  If you are involved in any ministries, please inform your Ministry Head of your absence.  Members can watch the worship service online from their home.


Water Baptism

Date: 12 April 2020 (Easter Sunday)

Time:  12.30pm – 2.30pm

Venue: East Coast Park, Car Park D1

If you would like to take this step of faith, please sign up with Alvin Lim.


Baptism and Membership Class

22 March 2020 (Sunday)

Time:  12.30pm – 2.30pm

It is compulsory for baptism candidates or those who intend to be a member of the church to attend the Baptism and Membership class.  Registration is now open; please sign up with Alvin Lim.