Ps. Victor G is an itinerant preacher and a gospel singer. He aspires to deliver the Word of God through various and exciting means for the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel and God’s love for His people. In Ps. Victor G’s evangelistic meetings, concerts and preaching engagements, the congregation can expect to hear the Message in the forms of uplifting Christian contemporary songs, relevant and down to earth stories, moving multimedia presentation and the passionate preaching of His Word both in challenging and humorous ways.

The meetings are presented in a way that relates to people from all walks of life; young and old, men and women, believers and the skeptics. From the beautiful wonders in life to heartbreaking stories, from fragmented relationships to the perfect connection with the creator, one glaring message will be evident throughout the meeting; that God never fails to deliver whenever one opens up to Him. It is both Victor’s joy and responsibility to bring that experience to as many souls as possible by the grace of God. Amen.