Our Vision

In WRPF, we hope to see everyone grow to:
Reach out WORLD through evangelism and missions
Experience REVIVAL through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives
Connect with God through PRAYER in intimacy and intercession
Be rooted in FELLOWSHIP for growth and service

Our Three Years Discipleship Directive and Traits (2016-2018)

Growing Deeper In Prayer

Members with deeper awareness of the presence and activity of God in their daily life.

Members who live with a rhythm of rest and work.

Growing Deeper In Word

Members who feed themselves apart from Sunday sermons, meditating on God’s word.

Members who have a macro understanding of the Bible.

Growing Deeper In Love

Members with emotionally healthy interpersonal relationships.

Members with a desire to reach out in genuine love to the lost, the poor and needy.

2018 Theme and Traits

Theme: “Listen to God”

This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him. Luke 9:35




Members who are compelled to serve Christ beyond church walls and genuinely love the lost and needy.

  • Opportunities to sign up for missions in Myanmar, China, and Thailand.
  • Invite guest speakers to preach on serving Christ in the marketplace.
  • Follow through with prayer walks and act on what God is inviting us to do in the Geylang community.


  • Pastoral staff to complete book discussions of “Emotionally Healthy Leaders” by Peter Scazzero
  • Begin to introduce the core leadership values of “Emotionally Healthy Leaders” to Cell leaders and BOE members.

Members who learn to design a rule of life for themselves.

  • Pulpit to deal with theme of listening to God through slowing down, silence and solitude, and prayer.
  • Workshops on how to design a rule of life.



Members who are able to resolve conflict and not merely avoid it.

  • We will continue to preach the truths and practice the relationship skills we have learned in the last three years.