Serving Christ Beyond the Church Walls (8 to 12 June 2017)

We are less than one week away from the long awaited church camp 2017. Please note that a Q&A booth will be set up after service today to answer any burning questions that you have.

Bilingual Service on 11 June 2017

We have arranged for a bi-lingual service on 11 June 2017, 10am to 12pm at the Main Sanctuary Hall. The service will be conducted by Pastor Edmund Loong. All those not going to Church Camp 2017 are encouraged to attend the bilingual service.

June 2017 Sermon Calendar

The June 2017 sermon calendar is available online at:

Board of Elders 2017/2018

The Board of Elders met on 30th of May (Tuesday) and the following officials were appointed:

President           : Francis Shin

Vice President   : Daniel Cheong

Hon. Secretary  : Elaine Chee

Hon. Treasurer :  Lim Yong En

Members        :  Ps Thomas Tan,    Sarah Phua

Ex-Officio        :  SP Kenny Chee

Intern              :  Bevelyn Tan

Pray for the Board of Elders to lead the church with wisdom, faith, discernment and unity.   

TYO Summer Program

YAY! will be conducting a program for the youth aged 13-16 from 22-24th June (Thu-Sat). The program aims to bond the youths together and to equip them with practical skills and godly values. For more information, there will be a briefing straight after service today in #03-12 for parents of TYOs. For youths who are interested to join in this program, please contact Ethel @ 97772964 by 11th June.

Raymond is an Executive Career Coach. He has been in the executive search/recruitment industry for the past 15 years, helping various MNCs, SMEs and Start-ups to grow their talent pool by successfully seeking out and placing qualified candidates into executives and senior managerial positions in these organizations. He guides aspiring students, mid-career executives, displaced PMET to build and manage their careers forward using a wholesome structured approach based on the individual personal traits, values, passions and aspirations. Raymond’s area of specialization is in career guidance, career counselling, personality profiling / analysis, resume crafting, interview preparation, targeted jobs search, personal branding and career management.

Open to everyone in transition and job seekers.  Please sign up your attendance through the website.