Renovation & Relocation – ZXFET Hall /GNK /Cry Room

PTL!!! We are pleased to report $197,000 (including Amy’s estate and Darren Fund) have been raised for the renovation fund. We have almost hit our target of S$200,000. The Pastoral staff would like to thank all for your heart of giving.  If you wish to give towards the renovation fund, please put your cash/ cheques in the red pack which can be found at the ushers’ table.  All money put in the red packets will go towards the renovation fund.

44th Annual General Meeting

The 44th  Annual General Meeting will be held in the Church Sanctuary on 29th April 2018 from 12.30pm to 2pm.  All registered members are required to participate in this meeting.  The annual report, audited statement of accounts, 2018 budget will be presented and three Elders will be elected.  Lunch will be provided for those attending the AGM.

Cell Leaders’ Training (CLT)

An updated date of CLT will now be on Wednesday, 18 April.  EA and YAY leaders and core team to attend.

Timing: 8pm

Location:  DFF Hall

Couples’ Retreat

“The Family Life Ministry is happy to report that we already have 11 couples who have signed up for this retreat. They are: Steven & Tiffany, Joseph and Cynthia, Shawn and Debby, David & Puspam, Philip and Sherine, John & Martha, Mark & Regina, Stephen & Lily, David and Daphne, Joel & Mel and Alvin and Susan. With this good response, we will be going ahead with this retreat and hope that a few more couples in our midst would sign up before the deadline which is today and join us for this opportunity to enrich your marriage. We are praying for God to do a deep work in the couples coming to the retreat. Contact Kay Choo today at 97602397.


ZXFET Mission Trip to Mae Sot

Yah Yee (Zxfet) and a team of 5 people is now in Mae Sot (border of Thailand) for a mission trip from 5 – 9 April 2018.  The objective of this trip is to organize outreach children’s program to about 150 children.  Please uphold the team in prayer that:-

  • God would grant the team wisdom to conduct the outreach program for the 150 children
  • There will be unity and bonding in the team.
  • God would put a hedge of protection around the team throughout the trip.

When To Call Our New Staff Members Pastors

Currently the use of the functional designation of “Pastor” is under review together with processes of ordination. This review will include staff who has left church employment but are still involved in church and kingdom ministry. While there is eagerness to call our newly added staff members pastor out of respect and affection, we request you refrain from doing so until the review has ended and we communicate with the church the new processes and criteria.

April 2018 Sermon Calendar & Weekly Roster

The April 2018 sermon calendar and weekly roster is available online at:-