Mission Fund Report 2017

The mission committee is pleased to report that as of July we have collected a total of $19,208 for the mission fund. We are looking to raise the remaining $15,792 (out of a total projection of $35,000) for the following ministries.

Funds to be raised for 2017 mission endeavours

Lanzhou – $10,000 ($2,110 collected) – To be fulfilled by September 2017
Myanmar – $5,000 ($380 collected) – To be fulfilled by December 2017
WRPF Mission Subsidy – $5,000 (fully raised, praise the Lord)
DFF/ZXFET/Other Mission Projects – $10,000 (fully raised, praise the Lord)

We wish to thank and bless you for your heart of giving. In the subsequent weeks, if you wish to give or fulfill your pledge towards the mission fund, please put your giving into the mission envelope which can be found at the usher’s corner near the entrance. Only funds in the mission envelope will go towards the mission fund, funds that are not placed in the envelope will go towards the general fund of the church.

Emotionally Healthy Relationships – “Clean Fighting” Sermon Series

Date Title Speaker
27 Aug Clean & Dirty Fighting Francis Shin
3 Sep How to Fight Clean SP Kenny Chee
10 Sep Clean Fighting in Marriage Ps Jason & Shelen


Leaders’ Planning Retreat (LPR) Schedule

Date/Time Venue Attendees
LPR 14-16 Sep Le Grandeur


All HODs + Core Team members
Post LPR 1 Oct


#03-12 All HODs