Mission Sunday 2019

Mission Sunday will be held on the 3rd and 10th of March 2019, and for the first time ever, there will be a combined service on 3rd March with DFF and ZXFET. The three congregations will present an update on their mission efforts after the service. We will also be calling for a faith pledge on 3rd March to raise funds for the mission efforts of all 3 congregations and for the ministries that we are supporting. Please look out for the pledge card to be provided on 3rd March and prayerfully consider sowing into expanding the kingdom of God.

Fund to be Raised:

English Congregation mission efforts – $10,000

ZXFET mission efforts – $10,000

DFF/Other mission efforts – $10,000

Dream Makers ministry – $5,000

Maesot student sponsorship – $5,000.

Review of English Adult Cell Ministry 2019

The church staff have reviewed the EA Cell Ministry recently with the following goals: (a) to achieve a better balance between a dynamic and a structural approach at both ministry and cell level, (b) to bring freshness to the ministry, and (c) to be more God-centric in our meetings.

We adopt Col. 2.7b – “…strengthened in the faith…and overflowing with thankfulness (Col 2.7b) as the ministry’s statement.

One way to strengthen our faith is through the application of the word of God in our lives. Therefore, facilitators are provided with resources and training to guide discussion on Sunday sermons so that members become more willing to apply them in their daily lives. Another avenue is through Christian education classes conducted by church staff or invited teachers on a quarterly basis. A life of faith in Christ will be overflowing with thanksgiving. Such lives embody God’s goodness and peace, and are powerful witnesses of the gospel.

Instead of continuing with the 4Ws, we have modified the cell program based on Col 3.15-17 and Col 4.2. They are – “Peace”, “Thanksgiving”, “Word”, “Worship”, and “Prayer”.

Ultimately, we desire God’s presence and fellowship, His power and His gifts, and to war against the enemy of our soul. Needless to say, that prayer is of utmost importance. In addition, prayer is part of our church’s DNA. We are founded upon prayers. We had revivals because of prayers. More recently, the Lord has graced us with contemplative prayer too. As a result, we are immensely blessed with both the charismatic and the contemplative. Indeed we are highly favored by Him! It shows that God really desires us to come to Him. So let us come to Him by devoting ourselves to prayers!

The pastoral overseer (Alvin Lim) and his team (Ps Thomas and Bro Tom Cannon) will provide support, direction, and supervision to all cell leaders (CLs). They, in turn, are strongly encouraged to have a team of core members (CTs) supporting their ministry.

Extension Of Unpaid Leave For Ethel Shin

The Board of Elders, on the recommendation of Senior Pastor, Ps Thomas, and Alvin, have decided to extend Ethel Shin’s unpaid leave by an additional three months (1 March to 31 May 2019). During her sessions with an external counsellor (Counselling & Care Center), she was assessed as suffering from burnout.

The Senior Pastor, Thomas, and Alvin have been providing pastoral care and in recent meetings with her, were of the view that she was not ready to resume full ministry responsibilities. During the extended unpaid leave, she will continue to meet up with the counsellor, and with Alvin and Senior Pastor.

We appreciate your continued prayer and support for Ethel’s full recovery and remember also to pray for all other pastoral staff including DFF and ZXFET pastors.

Recruitment for Sound and Visualiser Teams

Our sound and visualiser teams play an important role in supporting the musicians and vocalists. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the worship service week after week. Come and be a part of these dynamic teams! Training will be provided. Please contact Bevelyn (9363 8082) if you are interested to sign up.