Baptism and Membership Class

This year water baptism will be held on Easter, 1 April 2018. There will be a Baptism and Membership held on 4 March from 12.30pm to 2.30pm. It is compulsory for candidates or those who intend to be a member of the church to attend the Baptism and Membership class.  Registration is now open, please sign up with Ps Thomas Tan or Tom Cannon if you wish to be baptised.

Couples Retreat

“The Family Life Ministry is proud to announce that we are now re-launching the couples retreat schedule for 18-20th May 2018. With this new schedule, we are praying that more couples in our church would take this precious opportunity to come and join us. Sign Up Today with Kay Choo at 97602397!”

Renovation & Relocation – ZXFET Hall/GNK/Cry Room

We will be raising funds for the relocation of GNK and ZXFET Hall and a Cry Room to be built.  The estimated cost for the renovation is $200,000. PTL, we have raised about $80,000 so far. We hope to raise the money between now and end of May.  We will be taking an “ang-pow offering” this Sunday after, instead of before, the sermon. All cash and cheques put in the “ang-pow” will go towards this renovation project. May you experience the joy of giving.  God promises that the generous will themselves be personally blessed and rewarded by God.

DFF Mission Trip to Yangon, Myanmar

Ps Barnabas Phua and Bro. Dick Chia will be going to Yangon, Myanmar from 23rd – 27th February.  They will be meeting Ps Thein Pa Lian on 23rd February.  They will minister at Yangon Church for the Deaf, which has a congregation of around 60 deaf.  Subsequently, they will be meeting up and ministering to the pupils at Mary Chapman School for the Deaf.

This is their first time there to explore opportunities for ministry to the deaf and also in the future.  Please pray for their mission preparation, safety, God’s protection and anointed outreach to the deaf during their stay there.