ZXFET Ge Tai Rally

The English Congregation Cells are invited to support ZXFET in the upcoming Ge Tai Rally. There are three ways to be involved: through joining the prayer walk or community outreach, and inviting family/friends to the Ge Tai Rally. Details are given below:

Prayer walk                     Sun 15 July

Location                            Aljunied Cresent

Timing                               1pm-2pm (meet at

WRPF , #03-12 at 1pm)

Community Outreach    Sat 21 July, 28 July,  4 August

Location                             Block 108 Aljunied Cresent

Timing                                7pm to 9:30pm

Ge Tai Rally                       18 August

Location                             Main Hall @ Level 4

Timing                                7pm to 9pm

Please communicate through your Cell Leader or contact Tom Cannon (9830 2106) to indicate your support for the ZXFET Ge Tai Rally.

This Sunday’s Sermon

Rev. Mary Tham, our former youth pastor, will be preaching on the topic, “Freedom From Fear”.  There will also be a testimony by Evangeline Mok, an event planner.

Board Of Elders 2018/19

The Board of Elders with the newly added members have met and the following roles were decided on:

President: Francis Shin

Vice President: Sarah Phua

Honorary Secretary: Bevelyn Tan

Honorary Treasurer: Lim Yong En

Members: Han Yah Yee, Pastor Thomas Tan

Ex officio: Senior Pastor Kenny Chee

Daniel Cheong requested to step down due to increased work responsibility. The Board accepted his request and co-opted Bevelyn Tan to take his place. Bevelyn Tan interned as an assistant to the Honorary Secretary last year and the Board felt this would be a good completion of our goal for her and she has accepted it.

Please pray for the Board of Elders to be filled with wisdom and guided by the Spirit with good judgment and discernment.

FAME – Formation And Ministry Exposure

This three-week programme (10 – 31 July) is attended by Joseph Lim Zheng En, Simone Wong, Natalie Ong and Evie Shin.  Conducted by the pastoral staff, it aims to build foundations through spiritual disciplines and an understanding of the Bible.  They will also have the opportunity to be exposed to ministry and pastoral work. These will help them become more effective disciples of Christ.