Missions Fund Report 2018

The Mission Working Group is pleased to report that as of 7 October 2018 we have collected a total of $26,878 for the mission fund.  We are looking to raise the remaining amounts for the following ministries.

Funds to be raised for 2018 mission endeavours

Lanzhou   – $5,000 ($1,988 collected)
Myanmar – $5,000 ($1,450 collected)
Maesot     – $10,000 ($12,350 collected, fully raised, praise the Lord)
Other Mission Projects & Subsidies – $10,000 ($6,696 collected)

We have also collected an additional $4,094 that was directed to the mission fund, but was not designated to any ministry.

We wish to thank and bless you for your heart of giving. Your sacrificial giving will be a great blessing to the people in Lanzhou, Maesot, and Myanmar.

Ethel Shin’s Sabbatical

During Ethel’s sabbatical (November 18 to February 19), the pastoral staff will cover her for the following ministries:-

Ministries                              Overseer

Worship                                SP Kenny Chee

Youth & Young Adult          Ps Thomas Tan – covering for logistics

(YAY!)                                    together with Sarah Phua providing

Pastoral care

Church Camp 2019

Next year’s church camp is from 13th – 17th June and will be held in Bangkok.  More information will be given out soon.