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Sunday Services

English service (#04-16): 10am -11.45am

Youth cell groups (#04-16):  1pm -2.45pm

Children / G.N.K. (#03-09): 10am -11.45am

Mandarin / 展心福恩堂(#04-03): 10am -11.45am

Deaf / D.F.F. (#03-13) 10.30am -12.15pm

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Address: 8 Lorong 27A Geylang, #03-15, Guilin Building, Singapore 388106 Tel: 65 6841 6300 Email: CLICK HERE FOR MAP AND DIRECTIONS


Historical Evidence for the Resurrection

Historical Evidence for the Resurrection

When we look at the evidence, the truth of the resurrection emerges very clearly as the best explanation. There is no other theory that even come close to accounting for the evidence. Therefore, there is solid historical grounds for the truth that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

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What on earth am I here for?

What on earth am I here for?

The age old question, Why am I alive? Is there some meaning and purpose to life? Or is all that I am doing, achieving and living for just a waste of time and energy?….

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18 February 2018

DFF Mission Trip to Yangon, Myanmar

Ps Barnabas Phua and Bro. Dick Chia will be going to Yangon, Myanmar from 23rd – 27th February.  They will be meeting Ps Thein Pa Lian on 23rd February.  They will minister at Yangon Church for the Deaf, which has a congregation of around 60 deaf.  Subsequently, they will be meeting up and ministering to the pupils at Mary Chapman School for the Deaf.

This is their first time there to explore opportunities for ministry to the deaf and also in the future.  Please pray for their mission preparation, safety, God’s protection and anointed outreach to the deaf during their stay there.

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11 February 2018

Holy Communion

There will be no Holy Communion next Sunday, 18 February, due to the combined service and “ang pao offering” for the renovation project.  We will serve Holy Communion on 25 February.

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4 February 2018

Mission Sundays 2018

Mission Sunday will be held on the 18 March and 28 March.  More information will be given later.

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