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Sunday Services

English service (#04-16): 10am -11.45am

Youth cell groups (#04-16):  1pm -2.45pm

Children / G.N.K. (#03-09): 10am -11.45am

Mandarin / 展心福恩堂(#04-03): 10am -11.45am

Deaf / D.F.F. (#03-13) 10.30am -12.15pm

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Address: 8 Lorong 27A Geylang, #03-15, Guilin Building, Singapore 388106 Tel: 65 6841 6300 Email: CLICK HERE FOR MAP AND DIRECTIONS


Historical Evidence for the Resurrection

Historical Evidence for the Resurrection

When we look at the evidence, the truth of the resurrection emerges very clearly as the best explanation. There is no other theory that even come close to accounting for the evidence. Therefore, there is solid historical grounds for the truth that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

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What on earth am I here for?

What on earth am I here for?

The age old question, Why am I alive? Is there some meaning and purpose to life? Or is all that I am doing, achieving and living for just a waste of time and energy?….

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11 November 2018

​ Next Sunday’s worship team, speaker and sermon (18th November)

Next Sunday, the church’s worship team gets a welcome break and we have a guest worship team of volunteer singers and musicians from Awaken Generation, a local one year worship and music mentorship program and community.

Calvin Hong is a speaker, evangelist, and a life coach. His heart beats to see every life transformed, living purposefully, and fulfilling their destiny in Christ. A real man’s man and a big believer of discipleship, Calvin regularly shares his testimony and the gospel to the youth, whilst mentoring a number of men personally. He has spent seven years working with youth-at-risk where the Lord shaped his heart for the broken and marginalised. Always ready for an adventure, Calvin has led teams to plant churches across the Asia Pacific and now, together with his wife Alarice, ministers the gospel in Singapore and regionally.

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4 November 2018

Forest Adventure

GNK will be having an event at Forest Adventure on 10 November 2018, Saturday, at 1.30pm. There are limited slots available so do sign up fast!  Please contact Celene (97296416) or Claudia (82334354) to get a copy of the registration form for more information. We look forward to having you!

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28 October 2018

WRPF Church Camp 2019

Church Camp will be held in Bangkok from 13 to 17 June’19 at Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok, Thailand.

Registration booth will open after service today.

The camp fees based on twin sharing are as follows: 

Early Bird registration (28 Oct’18 to 25 Nov’18): S$525

Normal registration (2 Dec’18 to 27 Jan’19 ): $570 

Late Registration (3 Feb’19 to 14 April’19 ): S$625

*Deposit of $50 and passport information are required for registration.

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The Power Of Worship

Guest Speaker: Calvin Hong talks about The Power Of Worship from Psalms 100.. brings us to breakthrough… in healing; Heart posture from heart of stone to a heart of flesh.

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